Welcome to Fabric’s documentation!

This site covers fab-classic’s usage & API documentation. fab-classic is still usually referred to as Fabric in the documentation, and it is still imported as fabric.

The primary site is the GitHub project page: https://github.com/ploxiln/fab-classic/

For information about installing fab-classic: Installing.


For new users, and/or for an overview of Fabric’s basic functionality, please see the Overview and Tutorial. The rest of the documentation will assume you’re at least passingly familiar with the material contained within.

API documentation

Fabric maintains two sets of API documentation, autogenerated from the source code’s docstrings (which are typically very thorough.)

Core API

The core API is loosely defined as those functions, classes and methods which form the basic building blocks of Fabric (such as run and sudo) upon which everything else (the below “contrib” section, and user fabfiles) builds.

Contrib API

Fabric’s contrib package contains commonly useful tools (often merged in from user fabfiles) for tasks such as user I/O, modifying remote files, and so forth. While the core API is likely to remain small and relatively unchanged over time, this contrib section will grow and evolve (while trying to remain backwards-compatible) as more use-cases are solved and added.

Contributing & Running Tests

For advanced users & developers looking to help fix bugs or add new features.